Mosses and grasses flourish in between oversized stone slabs, softening the hardscape and infusing a bit of the garden into the path itself.

Economical peastone edged in brick intensifies the elegant refinement of the garden and brick walkway beyond.

The peastone path defines separate spaces in this garden and leads strollers from porch to pool.

Bluestone slabs, generously spaced, enable wanderers to move effortlessly from house to seaside.

A bluestone path curves and bends its way around this clump of Red Maples.

Planting pockets among stepping stones soften the hardscape and allow the landscape to mingle and merge.

This Ashfield stone landing serves as a gentle introduction to the more massive -- and dramatic -- stone steps and boulders beyond.

This serpentine path of smaller stepping stones provides attractive access through plantings along the unused side of this home.

A composite boardwalk is an ideal solution through wooded, wet conditions.

This herring-boned pattern brick walkway does double duty as a quiet, tucked away nook just right for reading or conversation.

Slabs of Ashfield Stone seemlessly blend with surrounding fieldstone walls and bluestone patio above.

Continuity was achieved by integrating flat fieldstone steps into a retaining wall crafted of the same material.

Generously sized natural stone slabs from Vermont wind from patio above to lawn below.

Fieldstone steps laid into the embankment naturally follow the contour of the land.

Fieldstone steps complement the wall above and gracefully lead past a planted embankment.

Blasted rock from the site was used to create walls and steps, which match existing historic sea wall.

Rock-faced bluestone steps set at intervals along a walkway connect garage to kitchen door and ultimately to an ocean patio just out of sight.

A flat Pennsylvania field stone wall made of slim horizontal slabs lends a rustic yet elegant contrast to the more uniform, smooth grays of the granite steps.

This retaining wall serves two masters, one structural and the other aesthetic. The larger boulders in the foreground brings out the natural look of the built structure.

Carefully placed stones in this rock-faced granite wall make this retaining wall seem as natural a part of the landscape as the boulders above and below.

The subtle shades of brown and gray that make up this Ashfield stone retaining wall and steps complement the roofing and clapboards in the house above.

Circular patterened pavers create a courtyard for parking, entertaining or play.

Peastone edged with cobblestones is an economical solution made more beautiful by the addition of a cobblestone apron and beds.

Surprisingly, grasspave driveways are both an ecological and sensible solution for low-lying homes.