For Seasons provides residential, commercial and institutional clients with design, installation and landscape construction services.   



We evaluate and analyze existing site conditions to identify your property's assets and weaknesses. We learn about your lifestyle, interest, needs, desired use of your property and your ultimate vision.



We create a conceptual design which incorporates your long and short term goals that can be

implemented in phases.  We illustrate the relationship between garden spaces, landscape

features, walkways, patios and lawn.

We detail a material list to ensure continuity and a planting plan that guarantees year round

interest and continual bloom.



We work with experienced professionals  in horticulture, masonry and design. We provide a quality product which gives better, healthier and longer last value to your property.

Designing and building a rewarding landscape is a labor of love. Our clients understandably want their redesigned property to be maintained at the same standard of excellence that we set. Therefore, we explain basic principles of land stewardship at project completion to help the client care for their new environment. We can also help to initiate contracts with maintenance companies, if needed. Often we find ourselves returning as the years pass, guiding the evolution of the land. We have available to our clients key products to keep their gardens healthy and beautiful. 

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Under the direction of Lauren Lautner, For Seasons installs perennial gardens, trees and shrubs, stonewalls, walkways, patios, water features, driveways, fences and pools.