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Salvaged granite bench is given a place of honor in this seaside garden.

Pansies combined with swiss chard, heather and dogwood twigs shout "Spring is here!"

A terra cotta bowl planter provides a subtle backdrop for a summer patio display.

The crisp greens and soft whites couldn't be more appropriate for this shady porch.

A tropical climbing vine softens this pool side shed.

A hanging moss basket is as natural and organic as its shade-loving contents.

A mixed selection of shade-loving plants intensifies the elegance of this custom window box.

A strategically placed sculpture simultaneously blends into surrounding beauty while enhancing it.

Whimsical statuary and bird bath add humor and interest to any property.

Marblehead sculptor Beverly Seamans created these bronze pieces especially for this outdoor classroom.

Beautiful landscapes begin with a single wish.

Om frog.

Sculpted pieces can double as planters.

White accents brighten shade-loving summer greens.

A starfish adds a nautical touch to this conical wicker container.

Explosive color delights the eye and creates a privacy barrier.

Ornamental grasses extend the natural beauty of a nearby pond.

This judicious choice of plants complement one another as well as the surrounding landscape.

Fillers, thrillers and spillers come together in a text book example of container gardening.

This neutral backdrop highlights the foliage of the plants below.

An unexpected combination of chartreuse sedum and a stone planter create fabulous visual and textural results.

Galvanized tub perfectly matches the bluestone walk and is filled with contrasting colors.

A container's shape can be as breathtaking as the display within.

Tiny touches of red and yellow indicate the transition from summer to fall.

Large boulders set into an embankment retain soil, shape space, and provide planting pockets.

Boxwood hedge surrounds statuary placed on a pedestal.

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