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"When we changed the location of our home by building a new house on our property, we were left with a huge pile of dirt, some beautiful old stonewalls, and a landscaping project that seemed daunting. We live by the sea and wished to create simple gardens that would bring color and interest into our yard using indigenous plants that were salt and wind tolerant.


It took three tries to find a landscape designer who could expand on our ideas, and we felt greatly relieved to find Lauren Lautner.


Lauren showed instantaneous excitement about the project, offering ideas that included: gardens with texture and soft, flowing borders, 

plants that offered color for all seasons, creative ideas on how to incorporate old walls into the overall design, and thoughts about natural patios, using large slabs of beautiful stones. 


The best part of the whole process was that it was really fun. Lauren’s vision, skill, and attitude, along with those that she brought onto the job site, kept us excited about each new step, and the project unfolded beautifully. 


For the last five years we have anxiously awaited springtime. During all of the growing months, we enjoy walking the periphery of our yard in the late afternoon, just to look and enjoy what is blooming. We treasure the work that Lauren provided."

Linda Hall, Nahant, MA

"I had met with several landscape designers before Lauren was recommended to me by a mutual friend.  Once I met Lauren, my choice was clear.  I loved how she partnered with me to explore all of the possibilities for my land.  She worked openly with my whole renovation team including my architect, builder, feng shui consultant and interior designer.  What Lauren brought to the table was her creativity and playfulness as well as a tremendous respect for the land.  With Lauren’s guidance we embarked on a total landscape project which affected for the better all the sides of our house. At least once a week someone will tell me that they love what I have done with the landscape (and they can’t even see the waterfall and terraced play area in the back yard!)  

Most importantly, we love the outcome.  I love to come home to see what is in bloom, as there always is something blooming.  I love to sit and eat or read by the waterfall soaking up the sun.  I love the entertaining space on the side deck and the irises peaking their faces up to the sun.  I love the raspberries that seem to multiply faster than rabbits, and I love to prune and care for this beautiful oasis that surrounds my home and is now an integral part of my home.


I would highly recommend Lauren for any of your landscape needs.  She and her team can listen to what you desire and make it come true.  My Feng Shui consultant called Lauren a “Goddess of the Earth” and that shows up each and every day in the selections we made for our landscape.  Four years later, we remain totally enthralled with our beautiful landscape."

Laura Hackel, Reading MA


"In our efforts to redesign the front gardens of Abbot Library, Lauren was instrumental in helping us realize our vision.  She listened to our ideas and by adding her own creativity, she made it all come together. She designed solutions for problem areas that had plagued us for years, all the while being mindful of how the landscape design complemented the newly renovated exterior of the library.  The end result was far beyond our expectations, and within our original budget!"

Pam Demetroulakos

Past President

Driftwood Garden Club

Marblehead, MA

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