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Capture Each Drop of Rain with a Rain Barrel




Collecting rainwater for your garden is a smart idea, no matter what your motivation. Plants like rainwater, because it's naturally soft and free of chlorine and other chemicals. If drought is a problem where you live, collecting rainwater is a good way to deal with watering restrictions. If you're on a municipal water system, you stand to save a considerable amount of money.

You may also find, as we do, that having a rain barrel is a handy alternative to the garden hose. 

We think every property should have one and we want to make it easy for you. Rain barrels can be ordered through us and shipped directly to you.  
There are 2 sizes, 65 gallon and 50 gallon. The barrels come in two colors, brown and terracotta.


Pricing for the rain barrels is as follows: 
65 Gallon    $239.00           shipping $25.00 
45 Gallon    $159.00           shipping $15.00    

If you are interested in ordering one, please e-mail us at or call 978-239-3369 

Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs with Tower Garden®

Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—just about any relatively sunny place outside.


Tower Garden is easy to assemble and maintain, and it can be placed in any relatively sunny place outside. There’s no soil, no weeds, and no ground pests to worry about.

Much of the produce we buy and eat today is days or sometimes even weeks old, lacking in nutrition, and grown commercially using herbicides and pesticides. That’s actually one important reason why so many of us don’t enjoy eating them. But with Tower Garden you can have produce right at the back door of your home, the way nature intended—fresh, nutritious, great-tasting, and picked at the peak of ripeness.


You can produce these highly nutritious fruits and vegetables in less time than it takes in soil. Gourmet lettuce and other leafy greens grow quickly and can usually be harvested just 3 weeks after transplanting.


If you are interested in ordering one, please e-mail us at or call 978-239-3369 

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