Average Temperature

Range 37-20f

Average Precipitation  4.14 inches

Full Moon - “Wolf Moon”



Average Temperature

Range 40-23f

Average Precipitation  3.42 inches

Full Moon - “Snow Moon”



Average Temperature

Range 47-30f

Average Precipitation  4.14 inches

Full Moon

“Maple Sugar or Worm Moon”



Average Temperature

Range 57-38f

Average Precipitation  4.19 inches

Full Moon

“Pink or Frog Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 67-48f

Average Precipitation  3.40 inches

Full Moon

“Flower  Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 76-58f

Average Precipitation  2.95 inches

Full Moon

“Strawberry Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 82-63f

Average Precipitation  3.10 inches

Full Moon

“Buck  Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 80-62f

Average Precipitation  3.46 inches

Full Moon

“Sturgeon Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 73-55f

Average Precipitation  4.03 inches

Full Moon

“Harvest Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 62-45f

Average Precipitation  4.22 inches

Full Moon

“Hunter's Moon”

• If you begin in January, gardening takes place in front of the fireplace with a good gardening book and a glass of wine!


• Schedule pruning of your large trees.


• Start a compost heap, if you don't have one already. You can add ash from the fireplace, if you like, and coffee grounds.  Check out our composting section - it contains some great information about composting and how to get started.


• Knock heavy snow off hedges and evergreens.


• Feed the birds. A garden with a rich bird population means less insect damage once your plants begin growing again.

• Try to keep off your lawn if it is frozen. Grass can be damaged at this time of year.


• Check your winter protection on your plants: fences, straw coverage, burlap wraps, etc., and reapply where necessary.

• Once snow has melted, if you are eager to get started, prepare shrub beds for planting. Add compost, manure, or peat moss to enrich the soil, It's best to let new beds sit for a few weeks before adding plants.


• Snow Drops & Crocuses should be peeking their heads up out of the snow!


•Severely prune shrubs and hedges for rejuvenation in early spring.


• Cut branches with flower buds to force indoors! Recommended plants include: forsythia, dogwoods, magnolia, shad bush, etc. Even red maples are wonderful to watch bloom. Cut anything or bring in pieces of broken branches to put in water. These are a delight to see close up. The details of each tree’s flower will amaze you.


• Prune large trees.


• Check roses for winter damage. Now is the best time to cut them back. March winds can loosen your roses' roots by tossing them back and forth if the canes are too long.


• Do not prune spring flowering shrubs (forsythia, lilacs, azaleas) until after they bloom.


• Prune summer and fall blooming trees, shrubs, and vines that flower on new growth.


• Aerate lawns.

True Spring clean-up time:


• Remove fallen sticks and branches, rake leaves and other debris from garden beds.


• Divide perennials where necessary.


• Add fresh mulch.


• Begin mowing lawns when grass is 2-1/2 to 3 inches high.


• Spot seed lawns.


• Prune broken, dead or diseased tree and shrub branches. 


*See recommended reading book, Pruning Simplified by Lewis Hill.


• Celebrate Earth Day!

• Mow and trim lawns, keeping height between 2-1/2 to 3 inches.


• Plant new trees and shrubs. Cool weather gives them a good start before the heat and drought of summer.


• Prune flowering shrubs after flowering.


• Plant perennials. Stake any tall ones before they grow too high.


• Plant annuals after the frost free date in your area. (Memorial Day is always a safe bet in Massachusetts.)


• Plant hanging baskets and window boxes.

• Prune flowering trees and shrubs after flowering.


• Prune evergreen shrubs (mid-June through mid-July).


• Weed, fertilize, and deadhead annuals.


• Weed perennials and rose beds.


• How is your compost pile doing? Remember never to add diseased plant cuttings.


• Cut back browned foliage of bulbs.


• Plant any additional containers to add instant color to your terrace and walkways.

• Prune flowering trees and shrubs after flowering.


• Prune evergreen shrubs (mid-June through mid-July).


• Weed perennials and rose beds.


• Edge planting beds for clear delineation.


• Allow grass to grow to 3 to 3-1/2 inches in height. This will help reduce watering and reduce weed growth.


• Deadheading:  Remember that once a bloom dies, the plant begins to expend energy in seed production unless you remove the spent flower.


• Water any new plants!

• Take advantage of the morning when the sun is low and the day is still cool to walk through your garden and see what needs care.


• Prepare soil for new lawns.


• Keep watering.

• Tranplanting in September is best. Plants are no longer expected to grow, leaf, and bloom. Soil remains warm for new root which is ideal.


• Core aerate lawns (September to mid-October).


• Spot seed lawns where needed.


• This is the ideal time to seed new lawns (late August to mid-September).


• Plant mums and asters.


• Plant new shrubs and trees.


• Plant evergreens as long as there is plenty of soil moisture.


• Transplant evergreens if necessary.


• Water when necessary.

• Plant spring flowering bulbs.


• Rake leaves off of lawns but ok to keep in plant beds. Any decomposition is good for your soil! Organiclly fertilize lawns.


• Clean up flower beds. Remove spent annuals.


• Finish planting new trees and shrubs.


• Lift and divide perennials.


• Collect and compost leaves.

• Plant spring flowering bulbs before the ground freezes.


Average Temperature

Range 52-37f

Average Precipitation  4.50 inches

Full Moon

“Beaver Moon”


Average Temperature

Range 42-27f

Average Precipitation  3.96 inches

Full Moon

“Cold Moon”

• Stake driveway perimeters so that snow plows will not damage lawns and beds.


• Finish fall clean ups.


• Clean and service the lawn mower before winter storage. Likewise, clean and store all garden tools in proper condition.


• Put up any seasonal displays in window boxes and containers.


• Enjoy the holidays!